Animated Itinerary of King John

Inspired by this tweet of Charles West, and using data from Richard Nevell

One frame per day (at twice the frame rate), changed the colour, location markers sized according to time spent at that point on that day (frame). Marker area = log (days spent there +0.5).

Thanks to Jon Crump for the data, one frame per year for 1199 - 1216. Location markers as before (sized according to time spent at that point).

Using Python with the Pandas library for data processing, Cartopy library for mapping and ImageMagick at the command line for stitching the frames together into a gif

All the files and code for maps 1 and 2 are here

Files for running map 3 are here

J.J. Crump: The Itinerary of King John & the Rotuli Litterarum Patentium

Fanny Madeline: How to map the Angevin Empire?

Tom Stafford, 2019. Theme adapted from Matt Webb's.