Tom Stafford's PSY241 page

Resources for 2013

Wiki is here special attention to the FAQ
Timetable is here
Course overview document is here

Intro lecture slides here (Lecture 1)

Maria Panagiotidi's slides on Prospective Memory (lecture 4)

Working Memory lab: handout, and data sheet

Week 6 visual search lab handout - here.
And for the disasterously curious, here is the code that runs the experiment: VSlab.m
Visual search lab data (all groups) - is on google drive. Search for 'PSY241 Visual Search data'

Yanjing Wu's lectures on Language and Thought (slides)

Stuart Wilson Vision Lecture 1
Stuart Wilson Vision Lecture 2

Heuristics lab handouts Thog, Holmes, Selection
...and explanations: THOG Task explanation, Selection Task explanation, Explanation for Holmes/Moriarty task

Tom Stafford's lectures
Heuristics lecture: slides, and handout
Causation lecture: slides, and handout. Vids: Tim Minchin, Heider & Simmel (1944)

Tom's concluding lecture

Resources 2012 - use at your own risk

2012 concluding lecture, includes some notes on feedback on the course from 2011

Zip of 5 minute podcasts summarising Nikki and Tom's lectures (38 MB) - Thanks Harriet!. And Rod's lectures (parts 1, 2 and 3).

2011 Resources below this line - use at your own risk