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Reasons to want to take this course (a biased selection of positive comments)

"Tom Stafford is without a doubt the best lecturer i've had at the University of Sheffield I loved learning this module!!"

"Teaching method is eccentric (in a good way)."

"It finally makes me really question and be critical of papers which is very eye opening"

"Tom Stafford is the most dedicated and effective lecturer I have had so far, the amount of effort and care he has put into the module is amazing."

"Tom Stafford is easy to get hold of/communicate with and responds to emails straight away."

"Tom Stafford is brilliant lecturer, who seems extremely passionate and is very inspirational."

"i absolutely loved this module, it had a very clear structure. i loved the fact that we had a paper a week to review as it meant that we developed the skills quickly and as deadlines start to approach towards the end of the course i am quite confident with the content and i can focus on other modules. i like that i now use journal articles to form an opinion and not take it as truth. i feel that i have developed a skill and improved as a learner and i feel what i have leanrt from this course will be invaluable and in such a short time its amazing to have developed such a great skill. Thanks Tom"

"I enjoyed how the module taught us how to be critical whilst focusing on cognitive psychology, and Tom Stafford put a lot of effort into making the course interactive and as helpful as possible, it was great that he cared so much and was so enthusiastic!"

"I can't express how useful the wiki, discussion forum and model answers have been to me whilst i’ve been writing my essay"

"I was commuting whilst writing my review and I got chatting to the girl next to me who was in her third year at Leeds doing Psychology, I asked her if she knew the answer but she didn't, then when she saw I was critiquing a published article she said that as it was published everything would be correct and there would be nothing to critique anyway...I'm glad I chose Sheffield over Leeds, thanks Tom!"

If you wish to see the full feedback (including the negative comments), please consult