4. Supervision

I am always enthusiastic to hear from potential PhD students. Please get in touch.

A PhD with me will involve using robust and open science methods to address theoretical ideas in cognitive science. Plus extensive mentoring on all aspects of the scholarly life, conducted in Sheffield’s best coffee shops.

Specific projects I am currently seeking students for are here. Some advice about applying is here.

Current PhD & postdoc supervision




Second supervisor to…

August Lindemer (2018-) ‘Planetary Fever – The Climate Change Communication of Health Professionals.’

Siham Albesisi (2018-) ’emotion regulation on ADHD children’

Vesko Varbanov (2020-) ‘ Sensory processing in Autism Spectrum Conditions and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’


Previous supervision and examining

As primary PhD supervisor

Maria Panagiotidi, PhD 2017 ‘The Role of the Superior Colliculus in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Angelo Pirrone, PhD 2016 ‘Decision modelling insights in cognition and adaptive decision making

Despina Panagiotidou (co-supervised with Ana Vivas, City College, Thessaloniki), PhD 2015, ‘Distractor, Temporal, and Inhibitory Variations of the Distractor Devaluation Effect of Visual Selective Attention’

Tom Walton, PhD 2012, ‘The Discovery of Novel Actions

David Yates, PhD 2012, ‘Using eye-movements to elucidate architectures of object recognition and selection’

Cigir Kalfaoglu, PhD 2012, ‘Errors and error-detection during skilled typing

 As a secondary PhD supervisor

Stephanie Powell ‘ The relationship and effects of young children’s use of technology’

Máté Gyurkovics –  ‘Affective factors in cognitive control: Behavioural and neural investigations in adults and adolescents’

Stephanie Armstrong ‘Relation between the Executive Function development and the reading acquisition, from a neuropsychological view’

Andreas Bunge (Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield), “The mental structure of prejudice”, February 2018

Luana Nunes, “Ethological Decision Making with Non-Stationary Inputs Using MSPRT Based Mechanisms” May 2017

Alvin Pastore (Department of Computer Science), “Neuroeconomics, Reinforcement learning and the equity premium puzzle” January 2017

Stephanie Dunn (with Elizabeth Milne and Megan Freeth), PhD 2016 ‘Electrophysiological correlates of visual search in the autism spectrum’

Hamideh Kerdegari (supervised with Tony Prescott), PhD 2016 ‘Head-mounted Sensory Augmentation System for Navigation in Low Visibility Environments’

Tom Bullock (supervised with Elizabeth Milne and Dick Eiser), 2012, ‘Crossmodal Load and Selective Attention’


Dagmar Adamcová, 2017-2018: “Quit while you’re ahead: a surprising interaction between game performance and motivation” (Blog post, Jupyter notebook).

Post doctoral supervision

Martin Thirkettle, 2008-2012
Craig Bertram, 2012-2013
Jen Lewis, 2012-2013
Mariana Leriche, 2014 -2016
Robin Scaife, 2013-2017


Emma Henderson, Kingston University London, 17th September 2021
Stanislava Naneva, University of Sheffield, 11th November 2020
Andrea Caso, Birkbeck, University of London, 1st July 2019
Alejandro Jimenez Rodriguez, University of Sheffield, 15th February 2019
Jim Lumsden, University of Bristol, 19th October 2018
Conor Heapy, University of Sheffield, 4th May 2018
Joe Thompson, Simon Fraser University, Canada, 30th April 2018
Jonathan Glancy, University of Sheffield, 2nd December 2016
Christian Beyle Sandoval, University of Sheffield, 9th October 2015
Maria Dagioglou, University of Birmingham, 7th April 2014
Jennifer Lewis, University of Sheffield, 2012
David Cameron, University of Sheffield, 2011
Alexander Cope, University of Sheffield, 2011
Mike Roberts, University of Sheffield, 21st October, 2010